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There are many lifelong passionate Major League Baseball fans out there who look forward to the All-Star game, wholesale fitted caps as well as the break in the schedule that accompanies it. (Pay no heed to the uninformed minority who wonder why baseball needs to take a break since it's so boring. These "bandwagon jumpers" who populate social media in today's "I like something so it must be the greatest thing ever" world, fitted caps wholesale are the same ones who 12 seconds ago decided that women's World Cup soccer somehow is the greatest sporting event since Olympic javelin catching, and wouldn't understand the greatness of baseball if they were plunked by Eric Plunk.)

Baseball's greatness goes way beyond the actual game itself. Sure, having the catcher run out to the mound after every other pitch so he can go over the signals with a pitcher, who then covers his mouth with his mitt, even though they are both probably speaking Spanish, can get a bit tedious. It is also less than desirable when a pitcher gets a runner on base, wholesale fitted baseball caps and then simply refuses to pitch to the batter in a timely fashion, even though almost all of the great pitchers throughout baseball history worked quickly. This however, is but a small segment of the game. Baseball is its stories, the characters, the stats, the uniforms, the stadiums, and of course, its history which is woven into America's history.

All of those supposed soccer lovers on the other hand should consider this. Soccer is woven into the history of Iran and North Korea! That's two-thirds of the "Axis of Evil", and I have heard, although I can't prove it, that in between atrocities, ISIL enjoys watching highlights of soccer games. (This last statement is somewhat in question since I just made it up, fitted baseball caps wholesale but that's not to say I wouldn't believe it if it were proven true.)

While many still enjoy the All-Star game wholesale 59fifty caps, I feel it has lost a lot of its luster. Interleague play has taken away a lot of the excitement of watching Jake DeGrom face Mike Trout, or Clayton Kershaw squaring off against Miguel Cabrera. It was always a lot of fun to see that once-a-year battle between the great Tom Seaver and let's say, Reggie Jackson, or Jim Palmer going up against Johnny Bench. These were rare occurrences, and of course, before cable and the internet, you really didn't get to see a lot of the league unless they were playing your hometown team. While I love a good Yankee vs. Met game, the excitement of interleague matchups taking place in the All-Star game, or for that matter, the World Series, isn't quite the same.


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